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1, electricity does not display instrument

Possible reasons: the auxiliary power source is not added to the instrument
Solution: if there is a voltage corresponding to use multimeter measuring instrument auxiliary power supply end; auxiliary power supply terminal connection is reliable.

2, the instrument power flash

Possible reasons: supply voltage is beyond the scope of work lead instrument, instrument power supply protection
Solution: the auxiliary power supply disconnected; test whether the auxiliary power beyond the range of instrument tagging; whether the test input signal exceeds 120% of the rated value; testing whether the environment temperature exceeds the use environment temperature limit; the auxiliary power supply to power.

3, the instrument is energized garbled

Possible reasons: instrument disturbed
Solution: the auxiliary power supply disconnected after power on;

4, showed no

Possible reasons: transformer ratio is set incorrectly, the mismatched parameters
Solution: check the ratio Ratio and PT, CT instrument settings are the same; voltage, current ratings are the same;

5, with no signal response

Possible reasons: signal was not added to the instrument
Solution: test instrument terminal is a signal, the terminal connection is reliable.

6, three-phase meter

Possible reasons: signal was not added to the instrument, the settings do not match
Solution: the test input to the instrument terminal has no signal, the terminal connection is reliable; a signal line will show the normal to the terminal phase corresponding to verify whether the instrument problems or peripheral circuit problem; whether the wiring checking an instrument set is consistent with the field wiring.

7, electrical energy measurement uncertainty

Possible reasons: voltage and current phase.
Solution: check the voltage, current, phase sequence is correct

8, the analog output is not allowed

Possible reasons: analog output range, corresponding relation between the wrong project
Solution: to confirm the analog output range bound correspondence; electric parameter confirmation analog output corresponding correctly, such as the U, I, P, Q, ensure the test equipment is normal, if the use of PLC, ensure that the PLC analog input connection settings are correct.

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