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Energy consumption monitoring system

Real-time online energy consumption monitoring system:

This system is a systematic platform developed according to “energy consumption detection guidance” issued by the State Council, based on “cloud computing” and “energy internet” technology.

It is constituted by calculation engine, data acquisition equipment and experts’ team. And calculation engine is core, acquisition technology is basis, operation optimization is nature and intelligent control is key part. It provides customers of complete plan, systematic solutions and sustainable service.

Content:Comprehensive, real-time and efficient date acquisition of energy(electricity, water, gas, heat, oil and coal) consumption of large enterprise, office building and government departments; learn practical date of energy consumption and energy saving starting point; realize scientific plan of energy use and real-time monitoring

Problems solved:

It provides a comprehensive and scientific energy monitoring and analysis platform for corporation and state energy monitoring department. And it realize organic combination of enterprise energy saving and state “energy saving and emission reduction” work.

Technical trend:High networking, platform, real-time transformation and integration of manual Mobile Terminal

Energy consumption monitoring:

It provides real-time monitoring of various energy consumption data in office building. It displays data in various images, including curve chart, bar graph and pie chart.


real-time inquiry

energy consumption data alarm

alarm inform

data acquisition unit:

Energy consumption data acquisition unit: speed: 1 time/second; accuracy: 0.2s;
Acquisition data of water, electricity, gas and heat

wired acquisition method:


wireless acquisition method:

Data download
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